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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thanks to MoJo for breaking the rules

Here is my letter in the Boston Globe.

Here is the article I was responding to:

A fine weave of family, work

The fact is, Abortion is dangerous to women

Ms. Fraga is wrong (Letters, February 8, 2011).

She is implicitly comparing the current situation with an ideal world where there is no abortion. But that is not the world that existed before Rowe v. Wade. In those years, abortions were illegal and had much higher maternal death rates than occur today.

We should all agree on the necessity for good education about birth control and about the responsibilities of both parties to a sexual encounter so that abortion is rare.

Sent to Boston Globe

Schott Op-Chart: Vive la difference

I am sorry that Mr Schott (January 19, 2011:A 19) omitted the characterization of Canada that I learned when I first moved there 38 years ago.

Canada had the good fortune to be exposed to British political wisdom, French culture, and American know-how. It had the misfortune to adopt British know-how, French political wisdom, and American culture.

Sent to New York Times