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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Romney Flunks Again.

At his news conference, Mr. Romney had the opportunity to rephrase the remarks that he now claims were not elegantly stated.

Why did he not rephrase them?

Because there is no way of elegantly stating contempt for the voters.

Due to his lapses of the last few weeks, the Republicans would be well advised to find another candidate.

There is precedent, in 2002 Mitt Romney shoved aside the Republican candidate for Governor in Massachusetts, Jane Swift. She was not polling well.

The same is true of Mitt Romney. He should stand aside.

Sent to New York Times

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mr Pratt needs a new accountant if he believes that George Bush's tax
cuts had any impact on his ability to invest in his company or hire
new employees.

Money reinvested or used to hire people comes from pre-tax income. It
would be included as an expense and would be deducted from income
before the resulting profits were taxed. So the reduction in tax rates
would be irrelevant.

His letter is incorrect. The Globe did us all a disservice by not
requiring careful fact checking before clearing it for publication.

Sent to Boston Globe