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Wednesday, November 19, 1975

Plea to Save Bath

New YorkTimes, Travel Section, page 5

Letters: A Plea to Save Bath
There is a darker side to Bath than the picture painted by James Egan ("The British Spa of Bath: 2,000 Years Old and a Picture of Health," Travel Section, Oct. 5). The whole is being destroyed. In some sectors of the city, for example, houses that could have been rehabilitated are being replaced at similar density with buildings of the chicken-coop variety that fail to blend with their surroundings.
Bath is not simply the Abbey, the baths and Royal Crescent. It is also the terrace upon terrace of simple Georgian row houses; it is the backdrop of the surrounding hills; it is the network of Georgian streets; it is the whole intricate and subtle scheme. This is what is being destroyed.
Those who wish to maintain Bath's setting should contact the Bath Preservation Trust, 1 Royal Crescent, Bath, England.

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