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Monday, July 26, 2004

Insulin: Another False Claim

Sent to and not published by the Boston Globe

Dear Editor:
I hate to rain on your parade, but you did it again: falsely claimed that Insulin was first used on patients in Boston. The claim was made in yesterdays "New Boston" section (page D10, sidebar: Medical Milestones).
I sent you this letter in April complaining of a similar claim made in your magazine. Once again you are contributing to the ignorance of your fellow citizens.
Here is my previous letter of April 20th. 2004:
"No wonder Americans are so ill informed about the rest of the world.
In an article in Sunday's magazine about a young medical student, you said that he came to Boston where "insulin was introduced."
This gives the impression that Americans discovered, purified, and first treated diabetics with insulin.
This was the achievement of Banting, Best and Collip at the University of Toronto in Canada.
Please contribute to better informed Americans by publishing a correction next week. Thank you".

Needless to say, you never published a correction.

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