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Friday, February 11, 2005

Bush and al-Quaida

Date: February 11, 2005
Sent to but not published by Boston Globe

So Richard Clarke sent a memo to Condaleezza Rice about terrorist groups (together with a plan for dealing with them) on January 25th 2001. He also called for a Cabinet Meeting to discuss the problem. The Bush Cabinet got around to discussing the problem on September 4th, just a week before 9/11.

Why? Was the Cabinet busy dealing with other issues, was the President busy dealing with other issues? No! President Bush, early in his first term, presided over the most laid back administration in living memory. He was busy chopping sage brush at the Western White House. He had the worst ratio of working days to vacation days of any President.

And this is the man we just re-elected. Pity!

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