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Friday, January 26, 2007

Deafening silence from CEO's on Stimson

Your editorial (Apology not accepted, January 19th, 2007) talks of the President's deafening silence on Cully Stimson's comments about lawyers defending the suspected terrorists interned at Guantanamo.

Another group that have been silent are the CEO's of America's biggest companies. I have not heard any outcry from these CEO's or the organizations representing them stating their refusal to succumb to Stimson's attempt to blackmail them.

That I find truly worrying.

Sent to New York Times, January 21., 2007.


Martin G Evans said...

Mr Stimson repudiated his comments in a letter to the Washington Post on January 17th., 2007.

Martin G Evans said...

The Boston Globe
reports at
least three companies giving push-back:

Boston Scientific
General Electric

Thank you to them.

Martin G Evans said...

Stimson Resigns