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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Decision Making

The essence of good decision making is to change one's mind when the situation changes.

The effectiveness of the so-called surge in Iraq was premised on the ability of the Iraqi Army and Police to provide the numbers to bring the ratio of security forces to insurgents up to the level advocated in the Army's Counter-Insurgency Handbook.

Over the first few days of the much heralded counter insurgency operation in Baghdad, the Iraqis have been conspicuous by their absence. Only a small fraction of the necessary Iraqi forces have shown up for duty. This places the whole operation in peril.

To avoid further unnecessary bloodshed, an immediate reaction by the US is essential. either we must engage in a massive ( about 150,000) influx of troops or we must immediately begin an orderly withdrawal. Given our resources, the former is impossible. The facts on the ground require that we adopt the latter course of action immediately.

Will the President concur?

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