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Monday, April 9, 2007

Costs of War

Thanks to Joseph Kearns Goodwin for reminding us about how few are making sacrifices in the Iraq war (Unmobilized for war, Boston Globe, Friday, April 6, 2007). And for calling on us to change our ways and to take seriously our role in supporting the troops.

The most immediate and practical thing we can do is to start paying for the war. It is not enough to pile deficit upon deficit. That way our children -- those currently fighting the war -- will have to pay for it too. That is unacceptable. Those of us on the home front -- what an archaic sounding term that is -- have to pick up the cost. It is time that we shared in our soldiers' sacrifices and put up the money for the war. Over four years of war, this administration has made no effort to get our participation. No campaigns to sell war bonds so the debt will at least be US owned, no attempt to raise taxes, though that would be a prudent response, nor any attempt to do what the British did in World War II where forced loans -- called post war credits were imposed on taxpayers. These loans were credited with a modest rate of interest and were, in fact, not redeemed until the lender retired. This last model might help with the retirement crisis that is going to hit in less than twenty years time.

Whichever route is chosen, it is time for the American people to support the troops in a meaningful way -- by paying for the war.

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