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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kennedy & Kerry on Finneran

Senators Kennedy and Kerry have been vocal in their condemnation of President Bush’s commutation of Lewis Libby’s jail sentence. Yet at home they are actively promoting what seems like a “senatorial pardon” for former Massachusetts House Speaker Thomas Finneran.

In the early fall – aided and abetted by Governor Patrick and several of his predecessors – they are planning on attending a massive fund-raising dinner (tickets $2,500 and up) to honor Mr. Finneran and raise money for his foundation which will provide funding to a variety of local charities.

The local organizer, Robert White, claims that the expected outpouring of affection for Mr. Finneran will nullify his conviction on Federal obstruction of justice charges: "Whatever misconceptions the federal government had about this man’s public life will be assuaged by the public demonstration for this event."

If the Senators believed in equal justice before the law, they would have no part in this charade. If they want to support charity they can do so directly without honoring Mr. Finneran as well.

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