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Friday, December 21, 2007

Bush and JAG Promotions

The President, or is it the Vive-President, is inexorable in his determination to remove the checks and balances that are a great American tradition (Bush seeks control of military lawyers' promotions, Boston Globe, December 15, 2007: A15).

First in the Justice Department, career lawyers were over-ruled by political appointees in a number of redistricting cases. Now in the military, Bush seeks to emasculate career military lawyers by making their promotion contingent on agreement with his political appointees. Surely a President (or a Vice President) interested in justice would wish to marshal multiple views on the legality of an issue rather than encourage "groupthink." That is what he will get if he is successful in gaining a veto over the promotion of career legal officers.

And, of course, the country and our troops will suffer as these legal officers are those who put themselves on the line to protest the torture memoranda produced by the political hacks in the Pentagon and Justice Department.

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