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Friday, October 3, 2008

The fragility of the global nuclear order

I am horrified that Graham Allison, a Harvard Professor/Administrator, and Ernestino Zedilo, an IAEA Commissioner, managed to write a column about the Fragility of the Global Nuclear Order (Boston Globe, September 30, 2008: A11) without once mentioning the forthcoming treaty on nuclear cooperation between the US and India.

This horrendous treaty gives India a pass on the requirements of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. They will receive nuclear assistance from the United States without having to comply. Today, your sister newspaper, the New York Times (A bad India Deal, September 30, 2008: A30) editorialized that passage of the treaty "would make it even harder to rein in Iran's (and other's) nuclear ambitions."

Your authors did your readers a disservice by failing to point out that with this treaty, the United States is contributing to the fragility of the nuclear world order.

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