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Friday, May 29, 2009

Republican Call for an Inquiry On Pelosi Claim is Rejected

As a left-wing Democrat, I am sorry that the House defeated the Republican call for an inquiry into what Congresswoman Pelosi knew and when she knew it (Republican Call for Inquiry On Pelosi Claim Is Rejected. New York Times, May 22, 2009: A15).

The more we know about who was responsible for approving, signing off on, and protesting the torture memoranda the better.

This has been a horrible period in America's life. We cannot just move forward without looking back; unless we do, we will be complicit in the torture done in our names.

Only by rejecting the actions of everyone involved and by holding them to account can we put this behind us.

We need a full investigation now of the White House leaders and the Congressional leaders who were enablers of the actions undertaken in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and at Guantanamo.

Sent to New York Times

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