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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Freedom on a Small Island with a Big Heart

Sabin Willett is to be commended for his piece on the Uighers and for his work for those interned at Guantanamo (Freedom on a small island with a big heart, Boston Globe, June 16: A15).

I am appalled by the cowardice of the Obama administration and the congress and by the lies of right-wing commentators. These people are innocent of any crimes against the United States. It is time we took Colin Powell seriously. He famously said: “If it’s broken, you own it.” We have broken the lives of these Uighurs.

We need to do all we can to fix them, not lock them up in Guantanamo, nor send them to Albania -- six are in a refugee camp there -- nor to Bermuda, not to Palau. These may seem like paradise compared to Guantanamo but they are places where the Uighurs lack friends.

There ae thriving Uighur communities in the United States. The President should grant them all, including those in Albania, refugee status and admit them to the USA.

P.S. Sabin Willett also mentions that he "watched ... as four innocent men were unshackled." I hope he meant this metaphorically not literally. It is an affront to American justice if these people continued to be held in shackles after being found guiltless.

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