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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Enrich do not go far enough (State should yell "cut" to film tax credit, Boston Globe, February 19, 2010: A11).

Giving tax breaks to big business to encourage them to locate in a given area is a beggar-thy-neighbor proposition. Often, as in New London, CT, the jobs never materialize.

Right now a bill going through the legislature is proposing an inter-state compact to bypass the Electoral College to ensure that the President is elected by all the people. We urgently need an inter-state, inter-city, inter-town compact that will disallow these ridiculous handouts to the wealthy top managers of corporations seeking tax breaks.

Where do you think that $4m or $10m or $20m tax rebate will go: right into the pockets of the CEO and top management through their profit related bonuses.

It is past time to say "No" to the corporate welfare bums (Quote from former Canadian New Democratic Party leader, David Lewis).

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