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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grow Jobs ... Shrink Government

In his op-ed "Grow Jobs, Shrink Government" (Boston Globe, August 18, 2010) Mitt Romney claims that the Republicans have other ideas apart from the "cut taxes" mantra.

A careful examination of the nine items in the brief agenda laid out by Mitt Romney show that three were revenue neutral (negotiate trade agreements, those these might result in tariff reductions; adopting an energy policy that reduces dependence on middle east oil, though Romney gives no indication of what such a policy might be and whether it would be acceptable to other Republicans; preserve our balanced labor and management rules and regulators), one would increase taxes (eliminate lobbyist inspired loopholes), one is ambiguous on the effect on taxes (align corporate taxes with other developed economies, but I assume he expects a reduction), while four unequivically involve reductions in taxes (preserve the Bush tax cuts, that will be a cut from the anticipated 20011 rates; accelerated write-offs for corporate investments; eliminate tax on dividends; eliminate tax on capital gains and interest).

It is clear that the more specific parts of Romney's program involve tax cuts. He never makes clear which government programs should be curtailed to avoid an increase in the National Debt.

Saddest of course is Romney's failure to note that policies similar to these were what the Republicans followed during eight of the last ten years that Romney deplores.

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