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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Death by Order of your President

It is very rarely that I agree with John Sununu. Today he has it exactly right (Boston Globe, March 19, 2012: A11)!

To attack and kill American citizens is an outrage. Even if these people are giving aid and comfort to our enemies, it is not acceptable to kill them without due, judicial process.

I am very much afraid that Obama's Justice Department has suffered cognitive capture by President Bush's Justice Department.  The ideas and values that were inculcated in the Department by that disastrous
administration have continued to the present day.  The whole idea of checks and balances in  the war on terror has been abandoned.

The President and the Attorney General claim that they are making reasoned and fair decisions. There was a time that I would have accepted those assurances. I no longer do so and I certainly do not want successor administrations to have this unfettered power.

It is past time for Congress to put constraints on this power and on the States Secrets privilege which has been used to hide administrative malfeasance behind a security blanket.

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