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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Organizing the White House

If I were an organizational advisor to the President, I would suggest that he takes a hard look at how he is running the White House and Cabinet. He is not taking the actions that will make things run effectively.

He seems to be maximizing groupthink.

The President would not let Secretary of State Tillerson appoint his own deputy because Tillerson's choice, Elliot Abrams had opposed him in the election. Just as Trump needs people he can trust, so does Tillerson.

A similar problem seems to have torpedoed the appointment of Admiral Harward to the post of National Security Advisor. It is reported that the Admiral was told that, if appointed, he would not be able to choose members of his staff. That and the current climate in the White House led him to reject the appointment.

If Mr. Trump is to achieve a well running administration, he must encourage and manage productive dissent -- dissent over issues, not interpersonal animosity. Mr. Trump himself is one who personalizes issues. His first task is self-restraint.

Alas, I am not hopeful.

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