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Friday, April 14, 2006

Romney's Health Care Veto

April 14th. 2006
Published in the Boston Globe

Governor Romney has vetoed key provisions of the health care bill (Boston Globe, April 13th, 2006: A1). Why would anyone trust or believe him again? A carefully crafted compromise was created between the Governor, the House, and the Senate. What is there about making a deal that that the Governor does not understand?
On the merits of the case: why veto the Employer mandate. What is it that the Governor does not understand about "free riders?"  If we are to have employer mandates, then all employers should make a contribution, personally I would prefer to see health care funded through the general revenues, but employment based health insurance is the way it is done here, so all should contribute to the pool of funds.
The Governor's veto has signalled his untrustworthiness, as did his flip flop on abortion. Why should Republican voters trust him in the future?

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