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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Congressional To Do List

As you say, your must-do list is "hardly exhaustive" (The Must-Do List, New York Times, March 3, 2007, p:11 [Week in Review]).

I would add two things. First the Government has to make some effort to get us to start paying for this war. If we do not pay, then the cost will trickle down to our children and grand children -- the very people who are fighting this war. We must share in the sacrifice they are making -- paying for the war is the least that we can do.

Second, Congress must take some steps to limit the use of the State Secrets Defense. As you noted in June 2004, this Administration has been a frequent user of the defense (For example in the Edmonds, Arar, and el-Masri cases). Legislation that sets up a court where claimants could test the validity of the defense would be useful -- as it is, judges just have to accept the Government's word. And we know what that is worth these days -- as perhaps it was in 1953 when the doctrine was first promulgated.

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