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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Patrick's failure to learn

Deval Patrick seems to have learned the wrong lesson from his mistakes (Bright Star of MAA. Tarnished by Lapses, Washington Post, Sunday, March 18, Page:A04). He is quoted as saying: that he realizes that he has to focus more on his image. "What I'm not interested in, but I have to get more interested in, is government by photo-op," he said.

That is not what his Massachusetts supporters want. What we want is for him to think through the consequences -- political and policy-wise -- of the decisions that he makes. He needs to avoid the groupthink that seems to have engulfed his successful team in the period since he took office.

We had enough photo-op governing from his predecessor -- his work-for-a-day candidate opportunities, his five minute subway ride to demonstrate that it was safe, and most appallingly, his playing "civil engineer' in the days after the Big Dig disaster. We want no more of that.

From Deval Patrick we want substance not just style.

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