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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Union "check off" (Boston Globe, Business Section)

Published in Globe Business Section, June 3, 2007. You need to scroll down as it is last letter. The last part of the URL refers to the first letter in the section.

Here is a earlier, unpublished version referring to an op-ed that appeared a day earlier.

Your writer, Robert Gibbons (Boston Globe, May 28th, 2007. A11) is very misinformed if he believes that "No one would condone such tactics [coercion of employees to vote against a union] by any employer."

Well these tactics may not be condoned but such tactics are widely used against unions engaged in organizing campaigns. They include pressure and the firing of union activists.

These tactics may not be condoned, but it is very difficult to get Bush's National Labor Relations Board to discourage them.

It is for these reasons that unions are agitating for the "card check."

Sent to Boston Globe

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