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Monday, February 18, 2008

AG won't probe CIA

You quote Professor Dawn Johnsen of Indiana University as saying "People who rely on [sic] good faith on an Office of Legal Council opinion should not be prosecuted even if it turns out that the opinion was wrong" (AG won't probe CIA on torture laws, Boston Globe, February 8, 2008: A 2).

It seems to me that her position is dangerously close to the Nuremberg Defense that "I was just obeying orders." We should expect better of the men and women in our government. They, and that includes the President and the Attorney General, should know that torture should never be used.

It is discouraging too that the author of the so called torture memoranda, John Yoo still enjoys has law professorship at Berkeley whilst only the lowest members in the political and military hierarchies have suffered as a result of his "wrong" opinion: the soldiers of Abu Ghraib who also relied on climate created by the dissemination of these poorly reasoned opinions.

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