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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kid Gloves for Romney (Scroll to Feb 7, 2008)

Today's wonderful Wasserman cartoon shows a crowd outside George W. Bush's office, some of whom bear the placard "No More Lies!", yet your columnists deal gently with former Governor Mitt Romney.

Scott Lehigh talks about him as a "newly minted conservative." H.D.S. Greenaway is more forceful in saying that he "coldly and calculatingly made himself over from a moderate to a hard right-winger."

Enough of euphamism: either Romney lied about his most cherished values in 1994 and 2002 when he ran as a moderate for the senate and the governor's office or he is lying now about those values in 2008. Yes, all politicians spin, but surely Romney has gone too far? How the Bay State Republicans came to favor Romney over John McCain (described by Jeff Jacoby as one of the few candidates showing "character"), I do not understand.

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