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Monday, July 21, 2008


You state that "Patrick needs the flexibility to spread the cuts
across the board" (Sharpen the shears, just in case, Boston Globe,
July 16, 2008). Across the board cuts are a disaster. The Governor
should know this from his service on several Corporate Boards. Across
the board cuts will punish those agencies that are running
effectively, it will punish those town and cities that are running a
lean operation. Across the board cuts should not be a weapon in the
Governor's arsenal.

I also believe that cutting state transfers at this time would be a
major mistake. They are the innocent victims of the fallout from the
foreclosures. The towns, cities, school boards that rely heavily on
income from property taxes are likely to suffer.

If, as is predicted, 7% of home owners are likely to see foreclosures
on their homes, these innocent bystanders are likely to see a drop of
7% in their revenue from property taxes. The state should not impose
additional cuts on these jurisdictions.

Of course, the best solution would be for the Federal government to
provide them with a bailout, just as banks and individuals are being
helped. The Federal Government should immediately announce a program
to make good their losses by providing an infusion of 7% of property
tax revenue to these jurisdictions. This will prevent a massive
reduction in local and state government programs at a time when the
social safety net will be most needed.

Sent to Boston Globe

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