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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Sad Case of the Uighurs

In your listing of the current injustices approved by our Justice Department, you mention the sad case of the Uighurs (Mr Mukasey's Justice, New York Times Week in Review, July 27, 2008: 9).

Why cannot the United States allow into the US the tiny number of innocent Chinese Uighurs still held in Guantanamo after being cleared of any wrongdoing? We also deported a few of these unhappy people to rot in a refugee camp in Albania, why can't these be allowed entry as well.

As Franklin Roosevelt noted, our progress is marked by how we treat the unfortunates among us. In this case, we are making sure that the unfortunates do not have a chance of living among us. That is not a sign of progress.

This should change, these blameless people should be admitted to the United States immediately.

Martin G. Evans

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