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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Democratic Bumper Sticker

Today I received an e-mail from Democratic operative James Carville asking me to vote for one of four possible candidates for a Democratic Bumper Sticker Slogan (

The choices were:
- W is out. Send the Right Wing with Him.
- What have the Republicans done for you lately (with a picture of a stylized elephant upside down)
- 2006 was just the beginning
More Dems in '08

Have the Democrats learned nothing from the recent linguistic analyses of campaign utterances.
The first three of these choices fail because they focus on the Republicans. Two of them even give the Republicans face time on Democratic bumper stickers!. How stupid.

These three also focus on negatives. We want folk to vote FOR Democrats not AGAINST Republicans. So Democrats need a simple message that tells us why voting Democratic is a good idea.

How about: "Democrats Will Tell the Truth"
How about: "It's still the Economy"
How about: "Support the Troops -- Bring them Home"

Sent to New York Times

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