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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The President's Speech

If the President is to be credible tonight [September 13], his speech has to include the following plans -- in addition to his plans for troop deployment and strategy.

First, he has to devise a plan to pay for the war. It is unconscionable to pile up debt for this war of choice and then put the burden of paying for it on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren -- the very people who are fighting the war.

Second, America must play its part in resolving the refugee crisis created by the Iraq war. We should immediately open the gates so that refugees can come to America. Over the past year or two, we have allowed in a few thousand refugees from Iraq, Sweden has allowed in about 20,000. For shame on us. Furthermore, people should be allowed to apply from within Iraq and not have to travel to Jordan to make application for refugee status.

Finally, we should provide an immediate infusion of several billion dollars to aid those countries that have taken in about two million refugees (Jordan, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States). Unless we do so their education, health, and welfare systems will collapse -- then, to use the President's Vietnam metaphor, the dominoes will fall.
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