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Saturday, September 29, 2007

In 2008, Gore v. Bush Redux?

Your columnist Bob Herbert should be aware that the Democrats hands are not clean when it comes to suggestions that a state's electoral votes be apportioned according to some other principle than the winner take all system used in most states (In 2008, Bush v. Gore Redux?, New York Times, September22, 2007).

In 2004 the local Democrats tried to change Colorado's winner take all system to a system based on the proportion of the popular vote in the state. In this year Democrats in North Carolina had to be forcibly told to stop trying the same ploy as that proposed in California (by Congressional district) because of the Democrats' opposition to the California initiative.

Both parties try to make electoral arrangements that will benefit themselves.

I am not a fan of the process being used by the National Popular Vote Campaign (an interstate compact), but a Constitutional amendment to make the President's election based on the national popular vote would set a level playing field for all parties.

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