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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Business as Usual at Justice Department

It seems as though it is going to be business as before at the Justice Department (As AG takes oath, Bush vows a renewed trust at Justice Dept. Boston Globe, November 15, 2007: A7).

Bush claimed that Attorney General Mukasey will "bring clear purpose and resolve" to the Justice Department. I don't think anyone has argued that the present Justice Department lacked clear purpose and resolve; the problem was that the purposes were illegitimate -- the politicizing of justice.

The direction of this renewed purpose can be inferred from the President's other comments: that Alberto Gozales was a person of "integrity and decency." No one who approved the torture memoranda can reasonably be described as a person of integrity and decency; no one who called the Geneva Convention "quaint" can reasonably be called a person of decency and integrity.

So, if that is what the President thinks, I fear we are in for another fourteen months of disaster.

I hope that I am wrong. Attorney General Mukasey can prove me wrong by his future actions.

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