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Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Orleans and San Diego

We cannot compare what occurred in New Orleans with what occurred on the outskirts of San Diego (A Firestorm, a Deluge, And a Sharp Political Dig, New York Times, October 27, 2007: A11). To see the differences, you just need to look at the map.

The core of New Orleans and its hinterland were destroyed by the storm and the subsequent flooding. There were few or no resources to be drawn on immediately from surrounding communities. In San Diego, the core of the city was untouched, the fire raged in the outer suburban areas. With the advantage of internal lines of communication -- fanning out from the city to the suburbs -- authorities in San Diego could rapidly bring help to the people displaced by the fire. The authorities in New Orleans did not have that advantage: the center was under water, the resources were unavailable.

For the President to claim credit for the superior results in marshalling aid that were due to geographic advantage is preposterous! Sent to New York Times

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