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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Impeach Cheney

There is a move afoot in Congress to impeach the vice president, Dick Cheney.

Although it is clear to me that the lies that got us into the Iraq war meet the criteria of being high crimes and misdemeanors, it is less clear that we should start an impeachment inquiry.

The argument against is that it will consume valuable congressional time that could be spent on more important issues.

The argument in favor is that it will defang Mr Cheney and render him impotent for the next year or so. This is a state much to be desired as he appears to be cheerleader in chief for some kind of attack on Iran.
Such an attack would be a disaster for the US which, at present, cannot successfully manage the two fronts in the battle against terrorism that are currently open: Afghanistan and Iraq.

On balance I support immediate impeachment.

Sent to Boston Globe

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