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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Primary Elections

No! The parties should not control the primary process (Into the primary pile-up, Boston Globe, Nov 12, 2007: page A10).

The Democrats and Republicans are just one of many parties contesting for our votes. Accordingly we, the people of Massachusetts, should control the process. The suggestions by the Secretary of State and his colleagues that we have regional rotating primaries makes good sense. Better still might be randomization each election cycle with five states drawn for the privilege of holding their primaries every two weeks from early February to early June.

Another good suggestion would be to rank order the states in terms of voter participation in the previous presidential election. Those states with high voter turnout would be assigned early primaries -- though an early state could, if it wished, swap its place in the queue with a later state. That would create an interesting strategic element to the process.

In any case, what is clear. The primary process is too important to be left to the two biggest political parties. Let us all support Secretary Galvin in his search for alternatives.

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